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Lagoon Neb and Markarian's Chain


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These are what I took Saturday night to Sunday morning with my Megrez. The problem with summer is the sky stays light! the Chain was taken before 12pm so was getting very washed-out if I took subs of more than 180 secs, at ISO 800. I only managed to get 11 lights and 11 darks. Taken with the unmodded 40D. Next time I'll get more lights, longer subs and with hopefully a darker sky!

The neb was taken with my modded 600D after midnight. The sky was still quite light and the neb was low on the horizon. I think it came out OK though. 19 subs at 180 secs, ISO 1600, getting lighter as dawn approached! 11 darks.

Both processed very simply, with PS.

Hope you like!




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I'll have to say it again but thats "Alexcellent" :smiley:

The Lagoon looks as good as it did on the back of the camera and if I remember rightly you sounded pretty pleased when you saw it - lots of "[removed words]" were said :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


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