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Ceph and Cass

June 2am pt 2

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Hi all

As detailed in the observing section I went out at 1 am this morning using the Skywatcher Heritage 130 . This scope is as excellent as you all said it was and so thanks for your recommendations. Last night was the second light and i used the two lenses submitted and a Meade barlow lens. The destinations and outcome were as follows

25 mm lens saturn arcturus mizar & alcor were all clear but small

10 mm all the above were shaped like polo mints and indistinct

Barlow lens with both ep were the same as just 10 mm no Barlow.

as one ep worked fine I assume the scope is fine and does not need adjusting, so could someone help me and explain why I can see nothing with the 10 mm and Barlow - is it to do with the focal length?

Thanks for reading

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'Polo Mints' does sound like a focus problem. Did you try going all the way in with the focuser then (almost) all the way out? The standard SW EP's aren't para-focal, which means they require re-focusing when you swap them and the addition of a barlow will change the focus point aswell. Have you got any way you could take a picture of what your seeing so we can have a look? A camera phone or the like held to the EP may do the trick.

I'm sure we can get it sorted out.


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