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Ceph and Cass

June 2 am

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I use the excellent Scope Nights app. Periodically it seems to malfunction and say "clear" rather than "poor". One such occurrence was for the night of 1-2 june ie this am.

When this happens, all plans for the weekend are mde around getting up at a daft hour. This am it was 1 am. We (my wife and me) got up and went outside to see excellent viewing conditions so we decided to set up the telescope and binoculars. I always forget how long this takes especially when one includes acquiring night vision - about 40 mins.

Something else that surprised me is that it never really gets completely dark at this time of year up here by Norway ( :smiley: ). This means that to get the best experience one needs to plan the session in advance. Indeed my goal in the not too distant future is to complete 10 per cent of any list I make before I end the session due to dawn approaching or the dew coming down. Last night's list was iss, saturn,quick look at Bootes and a detailed look at ursa major ( as per Star Watch by Harrington).

In reality i did iss, Arcturus, saturn and the double in ursa major. I did have a problem with viewing which I will detailin the observing section but It was a good night and we are glad we got up early.

Thanks for reading

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