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Digging the telescope out tonight.


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Hello everyone, I haven't posted for a while because I put the telescope away for a few weeks turned out to be a few months. Not a big fan of the summer months but I really like the warm nights, cant have it both ways ey.

I've checked the weather for tonight and it doesn't look too bad. Believe it or not I haven't seen Saturn yet so that hopefully should be my first target for tonight.

Any recommendations on other targets for tonight?


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You could have a look for asteroid 1998 QE 2, it's on my list tonight. Or have a look and see if you can pick up comet Panstarrs which is still around (close to Polaris). Or there is Saturn.

Edit: Not forgetting the DSO's - M57, M13, M5 etc

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I stand corrected :D

Popped inside for a coffee, went back out.... totally dark sky with lots of twinkly things - including saturn. Just catching up on some Ha in Cyngus, then switching over to IC1396 if its still clear.

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