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Ceph and Cass

Webb Deep Sky Meeting in Cambridge - 15th June

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The Webb Deep Sky Society are holding their annual meeting at the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge on 15th June.

It's always a good day out - with interesting talks and a few trade stands.

Full details can be found at: http://www.webbdeepsky.com/

Price is £10 including lunch (if not sold out of lunch tickets).

Doors opening at around 9:45


(p.s. if anyone from the north glos area wants a lift across I will have a couple of spare seats in the car)

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Any idea what the cost is without lunch ?

There is not many food places (takeaways or similar) around the IoA, actually don't know of any within a 10 minute drive (Histon Rd), making it a bit of a gamble on the food front. Not sure from how far people will travel, however for some the "safe" option would be to bring their own lunch.

Just thinking that people bringing food themselves might like to know the alternative cost.

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Sorry, don't know - website says first 90 get lunch ticket - i'm not sure that normally the attendance is much more than that.

Yes, the IoA is very poorly served for shops/food places. There is a garden centre with cafe in Coton which is probably just 5 mins drive.

The IoA does have vending machines these days, though - so you can get drink/crisps/etc from those.

There used to be a McD down Madingley road, but it closed a few years back. Across the road there is a Uni cafe, but it does not open Saturdays,

If i hear what the reduced price will be, i'll let you know.

(though to be honest, £10 for the day excluding lunch would still be a bargain...)


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Unfortunately we do not offer tickets without lunch at this time. We have catered for expected numbers but if we do sell out on that side then I believe the cost on the door will be reduced.


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