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QHY8, have I boobed


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Hi All

Now I hold my hands up and have to admit I didnt realize I was making a bid on ebay. I thought I was asking if they would accept £500 for the thing but I have so hay ho.

Any way my question is- is this a good price or have I just paid more than I should have for this camera.??


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Assuming it's in full working condition, I'd say it was a good price. The last similar one that sold on ABS was a QHY8L and that had an asking price of £750.

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sounds about right then.

Cheers for that steve. I cant find anything about a guide port on it anyone know if i can use it for guiding as well as imagining?

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Hi Mike,

The good news is you have a quality ccd sensor, assuming it works.

If you google for images taken by the QHY8 you'll see what I mean.

In the past the QHY8 suffered from dewing of the front lens, if you

do suffer from this, don't dispair, contact Bern at Modern Astronomy and

purchase a modified nosepiece. I had to with my QHY8Pro and I

haven't had a problem since.

Again a great camera at a good price.



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Cracking, it does have one column of pixels that are dark but this can be corrected for.


The build quality of the QHY8 isn't the best by a long shot but you do get a lot of camera for the money and I've managed to get some decentish pics with mine despite my decidedly limited skills. I think QHY have learnt quite a bit over the last couple of years and it looks like the quality is getting better on their newer cameras.

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