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Visionary V-1, 8.5 x 42

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Hi guys, and any ladies too :D

Ok, I know I'm doing this the slightly wrong way but I've just bought a pair of the above 8.5 x 42 binocs, will they serve me well for astro purposes? Is 'visionary' a good quality make? These were quite pricey but I jumped at the chance to buy them as I got a 25% discount, hence I've bought before finding out a wee bit more .... They felt very easy to hold in my smaller than average hands and they are weather proof water proof and terrestrial viewing was very clear and sharp .... I remember reading many years ago in a pocket book on astronomy that recommended binocs for the night sky were 7-10 x 50s and 8 x 42s ....

What do folks think? After sales advice still very appreciated! :D

Thanks in advance,


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I can't comment on Visionary products, not having used any, but as for the size of the bins, 8.5x42 is a sweet spot that makes a good birder and astro bin.

If you're happy with the performance for the price too, job done!

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