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Ceph and Cass

Planets to see?

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Hi all!

Im basically just wondering if anyone knows when or if we can expect to see Venus or mars in the night sky where we can get a good view? at the moment Venus is close to the sun all i see is flashing colours :( i just want to know if its going to be visible in the same way Saturn is now and the same goes for mars? ive google it but dont really understand much, also will Orions Nedula be back around in winter?



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It will always be more difficult to see the inner planets due to theirs orbits. On the other hand, you'll see next year Mars quite good.

See here the calendar of the oppositions of Mars> http://www.servimg.c...i=11&u=18178850

Thanks for that! next years mars might come around at a good time then might have got myself the new kit im saving for ill have to save that calendar and put it up in my room

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Venus is always a tricky one and you don't see much detail vs Saturn. It is at its furthest from the sun in the morning on 2nd Nov this year, and in the evening on 22nd March next year. Best opportunities will be around those times as it is higher in the sky, and sky is darker.

Mars is next at opposition on 8th April 2014. It doesn't look like it will get over about 33 degrees this time. Again, Mars can also be a tricky customer but with good conditions, when it is high in the sky, high magnifications can show some good detail.

The next few years will not be so good for planetary observing from the UK as they are staying at a relatively low altitude so you have to look through more of the atmosphere and the seeing is less good. Starts getting better in a few years I think.


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Mercury, Venus and Jupiter have been doing a little dance together just after sunset (10pm) recently.

They formed an equilateral triangle on the 26th!

Pluto will be passing just to the North of Sagittarius (and the Teapot asterism) next month if you fancy a challenge!


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Enjoy yourself by watching the other spectacular planets: Jupiter, Saturn and satellites, Mars, Venus, or even Mercury and forget the little dwarf planet Pluto. :grin: Also, the Moon can offer you great satisfactions.

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As the Sun goes down, dips below the horizon you should be able to view the last goodbye of Jupiter, Venus and Mercury. I guess about 9pm UK time would be for fruitful picking. A couple of hours later Saturn will be peaking and worth close attention and then a couple of hours later Pluto will be slowly rising. I tried to find Pluto the other night in the 10" and although I might have had him in the EP's image I really couldn't pick it out and say, 'Yeah, that is Pluto.' I think anything less than 8", a reasonably dark site with good seeing conditions and a detailed star map to aid you, Pluto will be very tricky to spot. But no worries, the Moon is creeping up slowly behind and offers some spectacular views but if you've got to sleep, get your head down, wake up and enjoy the sun with Baader Solar filter and an EP giving about 50x.

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