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NGC6914 mosaic complete (Ha)


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Last night was a massive improvement on the night before, although moonlit - it was a perfect sky. So time to finish off what I had started! First thing to do was replace some of the cloud damaged subs, nearly two hours worth - before moving on to the top left and right panes.

Its still not noise free enough to call it "in the bag", perhaps another hour or two per pane will help with that. After thats done I have the option of going over the whole lot with SII & OIII, but that would take probably another five or six hours (though it would be 12 with one camera!).

Next up, perhaps a trip to the Veil to continue the long, relentless march West :)

NGC6914 (Cygnus)

10x720 (Ha) x4 Panes

Total time: 8 hours

Real time: 4 hours

Calibration: Bias and Flats

Thanks for looking :)




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nice details there, not much noise seen,

Well done!


Thanks Mark! :) if you look close enough there is noise in the top right pane - I just made it seem slightly less by posting a rescaled version (80% original size). Once ive beaten down the noise I will post the full size version. It may be a while though as the forecast for the forseeable future isnt great.

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