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First light with the 152mm Lunt mod

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I almost finished my C6R/LS60T mod today and couldn't wait to try it out. I still have a few minor tweeks to do and a little bit of cosmetic stuff, but basically she's good to go. I put a short introduction to her in the DIY forum.

Here is a sample of what I got today. I'm sure I can do better when I have spent a bit more time with my new best friend.

The seeing was a bit wobbly today but I had to give it a shot.

AR1755 up close and personal.


And some prom action. I need more practice with proms, but am quite pleased with todays effort.


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I put some pics in the diy forum. I will put some more detailed pics up when i dismantle the scope. At the moment the scope is all bolted together for testing, but I have some improvements to make so that it will be a modular design. At over 30lbs she is a struggle to get mounted, so the plan is to make her a 3 piece construction that will allow me to remove the lunt, then the scope, and finally the cradle.

I hope to use it again today, weather permitting.

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