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Say hello to my big fat solar LASS

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Well I finally done it !!. I modded my Lunt LS60T. Its now a Celestronically enhanced 152mm solar scope.

I've been modding scopes with my pst for a few months and have aquired a few fracs to mod. A few weeks ago I picked up a Celestron C6-R refractor, and had a desire to combine it with my LS60T to create a solar monster. I had read about these LASSes ( Large Aperture Single Stack ) on another well known solar forum, and really wanted to build one for myself.

So here she is, in all her glory.


I had to build a cradle to support the Lunt and devise a method of aligning the optical path, so I mounted the Lunt in guidescope rings for fully adjustable collimation.


Other views of the Lunt


This big girl weighs in at 31lbs and is 60" tall when fully assembled, and YES, she is riding on a CG5-GT. :eek: And it slewed and tracked the sun for 4 hours without complaining. :p

I'll post the first light pics in the solar imaging section.

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