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My First M101

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Last night I eventually manged to have a go at M101. Despite the evening starting as clear there was a lot of moisture and haze in the air, the Moon was like it was seen through a soft focus filter, anyway I didn't stop and by 3am when clouds properly rolled in I had 21 subs of 300s( only 17 used in DSS) ,18 darks, 15 bias and 20 flats. the scope and the laptop really bordering on being wet and I am sure that the lens had a bit of dew on it despite having a heated dew zapper. The mount was my eq5 pro, Canon 1000d modded at iso 800, Astronomik Cls Clip, SW ED 80 ( Blue) at F7.5 and guiding was through a 50 mm scope, ASI 120 MC, PHD and GPUSB. I am begining to find the Canon noisy specially at iso 800 and up, I wonder if this is the experiece of the other members too. anyway here is result of my first crack at this large but dim galaxy. If the weather permits tonight I may try and collect another hour of data and some more darks to control the noise a bit more.




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I have noise issues with my 60D anything over iso 800 as well been keeping the longer exposures at iso 400 looks like the dew def affected the image have another go but make sure you have a nice clean lens element before you do!

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Hi AG,

The dew has definitely affected the image. That's a pity as the amount of subs taken would

have given you a nice image. Seriously look at adding dew bands to your optical train (not forgetting the guide scope).

If you are DIY competent there are threads on making your own in the DIY forums.



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