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first image of saturn


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Hi that's not too bad for a first try... there used to be a thread somewhere where everyone posted their first try take a look at it.

However if you would like to get some assistance and how to improved tips please provide more information such as:

1. what set-up was used?

2. is this a single frame or more?

3. any post processing done?



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Looks good to me. Here was my first Saturn and Jupiter. So don't worry, just takes practice.


A lot of people think they will get wonderfull

pictures with the first go.What you have shown,

is what they will get.It gives them some idear, of

what other people are getting.Good first attempt.


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Thats a good 1st go you got there, some havn't even managed that, look at it this way the guy next to you with no kit will never achieve what you just did, things will just get better for you, stick with SGL you will pick up a lot of good tips & advice.

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so for a single frame that is indeed excellent. as some already mentioned try capturing longer AVI movies with more than 1000 frames.

Then run it through a program like Registax or Autostakkert 2. last use the wavelets to enhance your image.

As all said before me persistence is very improtant


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