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the yesyes observatory - the build

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yes yes YES! It has finally happened! Some of you may have wondered what ever happened to my observatory. The thread had gone quiet before any reports of first light. The weather has been awful. Hardl

Yes. Imagine the disappointment.. photons have travelled thousands or even millions of years only to realise they arrived a bit early before my obsy is finished...

Thanks for the nice words. ;-) I'm also particularly pleased that my wife finds the obsy nice looking and has given her final approval. (I should probably get this in writing ) I guess she expected s

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The floor joists are finally done. I've done a bit yesterday evening and finished today.

I've had 4 joist hangers left, so I also hung the 2 short joists next to the pier parallel to the floor joists. That was slightly fiddly to use the hammer in that small space but worked out. Just...


This is how many nails I had left from my 2.5kg bag :D


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I get the feeling this is WAY overengineered... :eek:

Possibly but you're continuing a grand tradition which afflicts us all in one way or another. :smile:

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I just noticed I did not post an update yesterday.

Yesterday I installed the waste pipe for cables from the computer corner in the warm room to the pier.

I decided not to drill big holes in the joists but run the pipe under the joists. I used cable tries for now but ordered a few proper pipe clips. All bends are 45 degrees to male it easier to pull the cables through.


Then I put up the rear middle upright.


Finally I put the remaining stones from removing the wall under the warm room floor. There was more than enough room for all of them.


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And here is today's progress.

I installed the foil that will hold the insulation. I hope this provides enough ventilation this way.


Then I got as many clothes on as I could (in this heat!) and put the insulation in. This is 150mm loft insulation.


And then the vapour barrier on top.


Next the 18mm OSB3 floor sheets. That's exactly 2 sheets, just a bit taken off in the corners for the uprights.


I marked with some thread where the joists are, then screwed down the sheets along the thread.


And last I covered the site with a huuuuge tarp.


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I was a little surprised not to see a Roman style hypercaust going in under your warm room! :grin: Looks like you are going to be toasty anyway.

Been following this thread for a while now and I am very impressed...and very jealous. I think you are going to be one happy bunny when it is finished.

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Hmmm, rodents.... they are going to be very itchy nesting in that insulation... ;-)

Not quite sure what to do. Someone suggested to leave gaps to prevent this from becoming a moisture trap. Now it's open but will attract rodents... ;-)

I guess I could try to put some mesh around the warm room from the bottom of the joists to the ground to prevent rodents from getting under there.

On the other hand, what's the worst that can happen? What rodents are we talking about? Mice mostly I would think? What would they do? Nest in the insulation? Pull out some of it?

I take it they would leave my joists well alone. So better mice than moisture I guess.

I'm a big animal lover anyway, so not really bothered about a few mice as long as they are not damaging the build. Besides, all the cats in the neighbourhood (including my own) will probably take care of most of them anyway. ;-)

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I was a little surprised not to see a Roman style hypercaust going in under your warm room! :grin:

Now why didn't I think of that. Too late now I'm afraid. Will consider it next time.. :D

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Rats will love living there, long time back a built a workshop much the same as your Obby, the insulation under the floor was held in place by roof battens running along the 6" X "2 timbers held in place with galvanized nails, then 1/4" ply cut to fill the space just laid on top of the battens with the insulation laid on top.......nice job your doing there.......

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Chris if Rats make a nest under there it could be a real issue, the breed like crazy and will gnaw through timbers, cables anything.

I really would pause for thought here as it will be a nightmare to deal with after.

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Yep, rodents can be a bit of a nuisance. We used to keep rabbit food in a sealed plastic container in our shed, and mice knawed a hole through the door to get at it! Rats would be worse than a nuisance. Whether the insulation alone would be enough to attract them I wouldn't like to say. Providing there's no readily available food source near the obsy, I'd hope the risk would be fairly low.


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I suspect you will need some metal mesh under that lot - I would suggesat taking it out. If you "covered" the bottom of the base (maybe thin ply?) you would have 6" of trapped air beneath your feet - that is a pretty good insulator itself! (After all the fibreglass wool simply traps air as the insulator).

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There's no food source nearby. Though I'm not entirely sure what rats consider food. ;-)

I'm not going to take this all up again now. I'll probably install some wire mesh around the warm room from the joists down to the ground. That should stop them from getting in...

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