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Ceph and Cass

Very active sun today 25th May


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Tweeking the Tal pst mod today and have finally got it singing. After resetting the etalon numerous times, tweeking the tuning, and laser collimating the scope, the views are fantastic. AR1755 looks like it is surrounded my flowing streams of lava, and huge filaments stream out from it.

When shifting between the red wing, centre and blue wings you can see just how active this region is. the activity stretches down almost as far as AR1756 which is also exremely active itself.

There are proms large and small around almost the whole disc.

My pst sweetspot covers about a quarter of the disc so I have to moave the fov to see everything in turn. I swithched over to the LS60T to compare the views and I have to say that although the LS60T can show the full disc on band, the sweetspot of the Tal/pst is very close in the quality of definition it produces compared to the Lunt. Hopefully get some images over the weekend.

I have changed the helical focuser on the pst mod so I can now use the original lenses of the pst. Finding the sweetspot and tuning is now much easier and hopefully imaging will be just as easy and produce some nice pics.

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Sounds great! I particularly like the sound of the flowing lava :-)

I've been out most of the day, but just got a chance to test my new PST, unmodded, but it appears repaired, so a successful first light.

Your right about the prominences, they're everywhere. Some beautiful filaments visible too.

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