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Metcheck were right


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I know we xall give Metcheck a hard time as there forecasts are not always thet accurate when it comes to Astronomical viewing but I'll give them there due last night they said it would cleaer up about 9.00pm. At 8.30 it was 90% cloud by 9.30 it was 90% clear.

May be this is a new era of accurate forecasting or it could be stopped clock syndrome.

They say it will be mainly clear tonight so lets hope they are right.



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Metcheck used to be back in the 'good ol days' of 2002. But now their forecasts are usually embarrassingly wrong. But as you say Spud, last night they nailed it. Shame we had family round.

Fingers crossed they're right tonight too because the BBC cloud thingy says otherwise.



Is this a new take on the Gaz/Daz/Baz/Shaz thing?

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Metcheck changed their mind.................................................

This morniing they said it was going to be clear but by this afternoon they said cloudy.

It is very cloudy but with the amount of notice Metcheck gave me next time I'll look out the window... :clouds2:

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