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4 Planets!!!

Special K

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Shortest session in the world, but last night I got a quick glance at Mercury, Venus and Jupiter off the western side of house. We have high trees in the area so had to set up the scope aiming out of the velux window in the loft in order to see these fine trio near twilight. Jupiter is really tricky and we are soon to lose obs this year altogether so was pleased to get a last glimpse! The boy also reckoned he saw one moon but he's got sharper eyes than I do. Venus and Mercury were just yellow discs with lots of atmosphere and no way to escape house thermals. No point in loading on the mag. It was exciting catching them before they set though! Best view was probably with the bins. Mercury is on the ascent and am hoping for a good look in June when it peaks. Moon was full(ish) and not much hope for DSOs so I bagged an easy Saturn off the balcony to get four in a row!

The sun is just slipping behind the trees now (which is a beautiful sight in its own right) and the bins are back on standby... :smiley:

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so I bagged an easy Saturn off the balcony to get four in a row!

Five if you count the one you were standing on !

Thanks for the nice report,

This evening I caught the Jupiter-Venus-Mercury combo in my binos and on camera having been alerted to the conjunction by spaceweather.com.

Not by my old unaided eye though, too buried in the twilight murk.

Wx 4cast is not good for closest approach tomorrow evening :(

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Last night we traveled north from light polluted Watford to slightly less polluted Stevenage in Herts and set up at the farm campsite at Ardely where we were rewarded by an excellent unassisted view of the three planets from about 30 to about 50 minutes after sunset. Also brilliant in binoculars. Later Saturn and the moon were stunning. But even before the moon rose, light pollution and a slight haze in the air prevented location of any DSOs.

Is it true that this sight will not be visible again until 2040? It was certainly an unforgettable experience! Photos still on camera since my astro pal is still sleeping off the late night!

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Nice shot, Mr T! Hopefully we’ll get another look when this rain clears. Mercury and Venus are certainly tough cookies to observe as they are so close to the horizon. Mercury is at it’s best in about 10 days when it reaches greatest Eastern Elongation on the 12th.

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