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Fancy doing some imaging with this?


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They left 12 of them on the Moon.

I dont wonder the space program,

cost billions of pounds.They

wasted, a hell of a lot.When

uncle sam, was picking up the

bill, nobody worried i suppose.


It wasn't wasted. Why carry stuff back that was now not required? To bring stuff like the cameras, PLSS, rubbish and so on back would require more fuel in the ascent stage. That fuel needs to be carried to the Moon, which means a higher launch load. Every Kg that landed on the Moon required something like an additional 8Kg of fuel at launch.

The budget was under pressure pretty much from day one and was being cut back. There was little or sense in bringing stuff like the cameras back.

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What a camera... I'd place it on display and worship it daily.

Given its history that camera will sell for big bucks. Personally i feel it should be in a museum. If i could buy it, it would be in a glass case in my house and i would look at it many times a day.

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Why take 12 up there in the first place.

I think that is a bit over kill.They werent

cheap cameras.If they were trying to cut

back.Every bit helps.

Why do you think that they needed any less than 12? And you do realise that all 12 weren't brought at the same time?

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