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Ceph and Cass

Baader SteelTrack and a DSLR

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I have given up trying to achieve fine focus with the stock SW focuser on my 200P and plan to purchase a Baader Steeltrack.

The existing SW focuser can be separated allowing a T-ring to be attached for my DSLR. Does the SteelTrack have a similar facility, or is an adapter required?


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I can't answer your question but I agree the stock focuser is not up to much. I bought a Moonlite for my SW Newt and its so much better! A thing of beauty. I have a Baader Steeltrack on a different scope and that also is fabulous. You won't be disappointed.

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The original T adapter I had before I upgraded by 200p focuser has done the job very nicely.

As Steve says - you will appreciate the difference with the Steeltrack. Just had to drill some new holes in the tube to mount the focuser which wsn't too hard!



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The steeltrack is a very nice focuser. And it should hold the DSLR just fine. (it does a good job with my SBIG ST-2000 which I think is considerbaly bulkier and heavier. Regarding mounting it: I just used the focuser base of my SW focuser. Apparently the focuser base of the MN190 and the one of my Steeltrack have the same hole for the focuser. Just need to unscrew 4 tiny screws in the focuser base and off comes the focuser. No need to spend time drilling new holes or alignng the focuser. Just a thing that my save you some time.


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