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Great Southern Ontario Nebula

The Warthog

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The nebula had thinned out a bit, by 10:00, but Boston Legal (Shatner's best work ever) was on, and although I could see Mars, Capella, and some of Perseus, I had to use averted vision to see Polaris, and my choices seemed to be to haul the scop out and be frustrated, or watch Boston Legal and get frustrated and totally snockered, so I shoce the latter course. I ran out fo shothc, so I dedided to pouor a glash of Canadian whihsksy, and it wastoo strong, so I cut it wihta cvodka and adde a bit fo Khaluala, which was just fine, but now I'm gong to dbe, and hope for beterer dkeins tomorroenw.

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Boston Legal (Shatner's best work ever)

Oh mate purlease...

Gimme Capt Kirk - The coolest dude in history - everytime

Nope. You have to see Boston Legal. Shatner plays a senior partner in a law firm, who either is developing Alzheimer's, or is letting everybody think he is. He is a comic genius who has finally shaken off his early Shakespearian training. It is one of the few shows that makes me laugh out loud. Sharner and James Spader play brilliantly off each other. I don't know if it is available in Britain.

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