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Why not CCD/DLSR image instead of high gain video

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... for "live" video assisted astronomy?

I've been reading a lot on CCD video cams used to produce "live", almost instant images of deep sky objects, employing high gain and short exposures. The Mallincam Xtreme seems to be a winner in this arena. However, could one use a CCD camera like the QHY8L instead and just wait 20-30 seconds longer (arbitrary numbers as I'm not completely familiar with the camera) to see an image with greater detail and less blown out stars generally attributed to "live" video techniques?

I know the Mallincam Universe might fit the bill in this regard, however my (soon to be purchased) C6 has a 1.25" focuser and I believe I would see a LOT of vignetting w/the Mallincam Universe as it was intended for use with larger scopes. Are there any CCD imagers that can provide somewhat realtime pictures that would work well at 1.25"?

Is this what they mean when they say "one shot color" photography?


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You can get real time images using webcams or specialist high sensitivity astro cams but these are only suitable - in terms of real time video at least - for the brightest objects... Planets and the moon, maybe M42.

Are you talking about a C6N - I.e 6" Newtonian - or the SCT? The latter is a "slow" scope offering higher native magnification so is great for planetary viewing / imaging but less ideally suited for DSOs.

Otherwise DSOs respond best to long exposure imaging rather than live video (they also don't change much so there isn't a huge amount of point in imaging them real time...). Be aware that cranking up the gain will also crank up the noise...

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