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Going to book a week in Las Palmas....


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..in December to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary and would appreciate any hints and tips.

There was a thread recently about this and following that we have settled on the Princess Spa Hotel. It's going to be a combination of a weeks relaxation with some stargazing for good measure (let's hope this comet bears fruits!).

I will probably take my astrotrac etc but would welcome advice on what to do whilst we are there and how easy it is to get around and see different sites etc.

Thanks in advance.

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I would really recommend that you hire a car, as it makes life so much easier. The roads are generally good but expect many windy turns (I love 'em but that's just me!).

No idea what a trip to see the observatories would be like in December but it was a fantastic trip in the summer.

The western side of the island has better weather than the east but expect plenty of cloud either way! The Roque de los Muchachos Observatories are all above the normal cloud layer which is why it all works for them.

Thomson fly direct these days so they should be your airline choice - we always self-cater so I cannot comment on your choice of hotel (or any other one for that matter!).

It's a lovely island - you are in for a treat.

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La Palma

Been twice now, stayed near Tijarafe last time. Prefer that side of the island. I would say a car is essential.

I've used these for accomodation: http://www.lascasascanarias.co.uk/

It's a great place for hill walking. We took good walking boots and needed them.

Scopes can be hired, http://www.hierbabuena.info/stuga/en_rentatelescope.htm


The observatory have scheduled public visits but I've not been, yet.

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a week in Las Palmas

I'd check carefully to see where you've booked :grin:

Las Palmas is a town on Gran Canaria, La Palma is an island in the Canaries with some observatories on it.

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