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Ceph and Cass

Plugging the scope range gap...


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This subject should be under ''getting started..", but since it's got the potential to diverge and expand...well, I've put it here.

OK, here's the deal - man, I always say that, don't I? - There comes a time in man's life when his/her equipment becomes more specialized. And by doing that you start to realize the gap. It's up to you whether or not you want to plug it. So, I got rid of my 200P simply because I don't really like reflectors. Had my share of contortionist glories. Don't ask why, I already went through this before :). Anyway, the scope range I've got now is up to 152mm in aperture. They basically cover the deep sky, lunar and limited planetary observing and imaging. I do love my scopes and I don't see myself replacing them for a long long time. Unless of course I have built a Lick-like observatory.

Anyways, putting an end to my babbling which I barely have control over, I'm thinking maybe some day within a year or two I will plug the gap by going for a larger aperture to be dedicated for planetary and high mag lunar. A big Dob is off the list. The Celestron SC SGT series seems to fit the criteria. I'll skip the 8" and go for either 9.25" or 11" since the price gap between the two is not that steep. Well, the price itself is beyond me at the moment and will require some serious saving -- probably if I'm lucky a good second hand one will come up.

I heard many good reviews, are they worth the investment? Pros and cons? How are they with NEQ6?

Put a full stop to the babbling.. :)

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I had a C9.25 on my HEQ5 for a while, and managed to get some decent long exposures through it.

I too have heard that it's the jewel in the crown of the Celestron range, although a mate has the C11 edge and is getting some cracking results.


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