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Whereabouts of Jupiter

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Hi All

These nights, I am able to see the Saturn everytime when the sky is clear on South Western sky very well. Now I am looking to find the Jupiter. Where and when could I find it?

From my back garden - my main observing site, the northern sky is completely polluted with street lights, so it is hopeless, Eastern and Western Sky is blocked by fences and houses, but reasonably clear (about above 60 degrees). Am I able to see Jupiter in this situation, or do I have to drive to a top of hill with the scope?

Is there recommended ways - (tools such as computer programs and books) to find where abouts of stars, and when they can be seen on a specific location?

Many thanks for your input in advance.


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Jupiter is more to the West / North West .

There are a few decent free applications that will show you where things are. CDC ( http://www.ap-i.net/skychart/start ) and Stellarium ( http://www.stellarium.org/ ) are the two which are most popular, but another which I found useful was Winstars2 ( http://www.winstars.net/english/download.html )

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Jupiter is pretty much setting by the time it gets dark so look low down to the west at about 9.45 and you wil be in time to see it set. Its not very spectacular at the moment because it is so low but you should see the 4 major moons and if you are lucky with seeing a hint of banding. it's still the brightest thing in the area so you will not miss it

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