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IC1396 IN HA alpha


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Hi Every one,

Managed to capture IC1396 Wednesday night I was very lucky indeed.

I have never taken any H alpha shots before and really struggled with the Processing, everything was just Red.

I used the baader H-alpha 7nm 6 minute subs x 40

started at 10:45 and finished at 2:45 a little cloud played havoc with guiding apart from that a good night.

Taken with w.o. Zenithstar 71 ED 2013 with 0.8x reducer / flattener and modified Canon 1100d

Any tips on processing Ha would be warmly received.



A bigger version can be found here


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I use Noel's Actions, Enhance Local Contrast, on Ha processing. Putting little kinks in the curve to exaggerate the differences between adjacent features is another way. It looks well processed to me, though more local contrasts would help it. Good result. This object is enormous!


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Thanks Guy for the tutorial, and thanks Dave for Sharing very interesting.

Thanks Olly, I do Have Noel's actions, I shall experiment,

I did wonder if I was going to get it all, being so big, only just fitted.

I shall have a tinker tonight because it sure don't look like ill be catching photons



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