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"My Moon"


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I started to share my older astro-pics on the Sun forum. Now, it's the Moon's turn. The pictures were taken in october 2012, using my old achromat refractor Skywatcher 90/900, the Canon 550D and a 2x Barlow.






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After a long pause, due to my health conditions, I finally managed to retake my passion. I took some videos of the Moon, stack them and tried a Moon Panorama. Unfortunatelly, the captures were taken in day light (about 19:00 local time) and the contrast is not so good. Also the seeing wasn't the best.

The setup was: Mak 127/1500 + Microsoft Lifecam Studio.


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Yes, it's a great cheap camera for amateurs. Controls (in SharpCap) work fine. No problem with bright objects. See here the videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtgnYsB2M_qex--K3wh2YCFM_O9DiFtVv

Also, have in mind that I took videos almost in daylight, so, in heavy conditions:

A link with same image, but at high resolution (still only 50% from original Panorama):


Hint: click on link then click again on photo for full resolution. ;)

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