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Summer Triangle Challenge

The Sun


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I want to show you some images with the Sun, in white light, taken during my "career" of amateur astrophotographer. The majority of the photos was taken with my dSLR camera Canon 550D. I only recently replaced (from taking videos) the dSLR with the webcam (Microsoft Lifecam Studio and 6000HD). As imaging scopes, I used achromat refractors, as Bresser 70/700 Skylux, so called Lidlscope and Skywatcher 90/900, but reflectors (little Mak 127/1500), too.

So, the oldest...





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A beautiful set Ursa, I love the bird transit the most, it's difficult to get them so clear, I just get fuzzy blobs as they tend to be too close. Looks like some kind of Falcon? the transit of Venus is fab too :)


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Good work. I encourage you to try sunspot animations (when seeing is very good), from what I see on your blog Mak 127 + Lifecam will do fine.

I plan to do it first time when I'll go for observations during the day. From my balcony (from where I took all my Sun videos) the turbulence is too big to hope to record a good resolution of the Sun granulation and of the sunspots.


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