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M97 with the TEC 140 of Olly


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Hello every body,

So the last night, I was with Olly to his beautiful observatory and the sky were so nice and clear.

We really got very nice night and he got a firend Julian and also very nice to meet him. So after to had a look on Saturn, I done some shots on this nice PN M97 in Ursa Major

There is 12 x 300s in Luminance + 6 x 300s on each channel RGB with my 314L+ ccd cooling at -15°= 3 hours:


Second version;


Thank you Olly about this excellente night with you and Julian.


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With the colours aligned that version two is brilliant, Franck. Just one night and with the object very low for your colours. Lovely work. I haven't imaged with the TEC for some time so seeing this is a real pleasure. This is a superb image, very high quality processing.


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