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A bunch of home observatories...


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They only make me drool...if only...

Some of these might belong to members of this forum. I collected these images out of appreciation and admiration - so not trying to breach any copyrights :)

You're invited to show your obsy... :)

















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Oh, and you don't have a picture of my personal favourite in terms of clever design -- one with a counter-balanced rotate-off roof like an industrial wheelie bin :)

I can never find a picture of that one when I want it.


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This thread doesn't help with obsy envy. :p

My wife has agreed that when we buy our house that I can have one built but without actually knowing what we would end up with and more importantly what type of construction the Spanish authorities will and wont allow.

I like the one bottom left, I have no idea how much that may cost to build though. Also not sure how practical a dome would be, It probably would push the price up significantly. I guess they are practical but vs cost then maybe less so.

So far the only house I have found to buy with an obs already installed is this one. It kind of looks like a Dalek peeking out of the top of the house.


Which is a bit beyond our price range and in the wrong area.

Nice though.

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My wife was 'informed' of my observatory ambitions prior to our wedding. In effect, permission to build such a thing when we buy our first house was a condition of marriage :p

Posted via Tapatalk on an ageing iPhone so please excuse any erroneous spellings or accidental profanities!

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Not exactly the image of "light and airy" that I have of housing in warm countries :) Personally I'd want a bit more garden for what that costs, too.


No, it isn't is it?

If you find more photos it kind of reminds me of a posh gentlemans club although I have never been inside one to be able to have a good reference.

Fortunately there are literally thousands of more suitable properties with good tracks of land around at very good prices, just none with obsy's though.

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Another DIY possibility is some type of modified eco dome, Calearth have a relatively straightforward dome building system using bags of stabilised lime/cement with local soil.


Looks as if it would keep costs to a minimum and could be done buy you and a couple of buddies for the most part.

Surely there would be a way to modify the design for a roof that opens?

Any structural engineers think that not completing the full dome would compromise the build, and what if anything could be done to stabilise it?

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