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M51 - LRGB color processing need help

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This is my first try with the new QSI 538 camera with LRGB filter wheel.

For some reasom I got the color all wrong. can someone advise what am I doing worng? I think that I'm doing wrong with the MaximDL editing but not sure.

15 X 150 sec Luminace

3 x 150 sec for each RGB

Useing Maxim DL:

Did master picture for each LRGB channel and then combin them using the Maxim DL LRGB stuck process.


I know that I got light polution on the right lower part, but I don't thing this is what send the pictuer out of color balance.

The picture turn out red.

Any idea how to proces the LRGB in Maxim so the color will be right?

Thanks much,


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Thanks Simon.

I tryed the Sigma Clip and got off the red dots. However I still don't get a color image. The image now is kind of green/grey :(

Maybe it is related to the fact that I didn't made more color images? I used John Bleckwell tutorial (youtube) for stucking LRGB.

1) Build 3 master color images (Using Flat, Bias, Darks)

2) Build 1 Master Luminance image.

3) Stucking LRGB method.



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Personally, I don't combine in Maxim.

I build the luminance as usual and the 3 separate channels RGB as usual.

I process the luminace and save it, then I register (registar) the RGB channels to each other and use the registered images to paste as the appropriate channels in a new RGB image in photoshop.

Once I'm happy with the RGB process I'll save it and then register it against the luminance.

Finally I paste the colour over the top of the luminance as blend mode colour - sometimes I paste Lum over the colour as blend mode luminance - depends which looks better to me.

Then it's a bit of a play with the opacity slider and flatten the image.

Probably not as scientific as some methods but it tends to work for me.

Martin did a good tutorial http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/20447-lrgb-imaging-primer/

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