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Solar ROI 12-05-13


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My best efforts today. The cloud was awful, it was windy and the seeing was very unstable, but I managed a few small AVI'sthrough the gaps.

Here are a couple of active regions in WL.

AR1745 WL


AR1746 WL


Active regions in Ha with the LS60T. This week looks to be getting more interesting as the days go by.


There were some great proms visible, but I failed to capture them.

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I would Robin, it looks like there are some interesting regions developing. If you compare todays sun with what was there a few days ago, it has changed a lot.

Today was a bit of a struggle. The 6" frac was constantly wobbling in the wind so I gave up on the white light imaging as I could not aquire a decent focus. I was hoping to pick out some granulation with the continuum and IR filters but failed.

By the time I got set up with the LS60T the cloud cover was almost constant. Never mind, the sun will shine again during the week ahead. Or maybe not, according to the weather forecast on my phone. :sad:

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