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Need tripod/mount for Celestron Powerseeker scope...

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Hello all.

I got lucky (well, I think so) on eBay a few days ago and won a Celestron Powerseeker 114 (the '675' badged version) for a massive £10.


It was sold as 'spare parts' and only the OTA and EQ1 mount were identified as being present. I figured for a tenner it was worth a punt as I have eyepieces to play with by virtue of having another scope anyway.

To my surprise on collecting it the only thing missing seems to be the tripod - everything else looks to be there. This includes the EQ1 mount with counter balance and slow motion drive screws, a red dot finder, three eyepieces (SR4, H12 and K20 of which I reckon only the K20 is worth keeping) and a 3x Barlow (I expect little from this from reviews I have read).

So I need a suitable tripod (or full replacement mount+tripod) to get the scope outside so I can have a play. Any suggestions...?

Thanks in advance,


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TS seem to have a few, one of the least expensive is this:


Actually seems to inexpensive, also no idea if the top piece is correct for your scope, what comes to 26 Euro seems somewhat inexpensive, everything else appears to be around 100 Euro more.

Check what your new scope need to attach since the tripod has no particular interface.

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In simple terms: no idea. :eek:

If you translate the TS page to English they do say a simple big washer could be used. :grin:

If you have the time search through the TS site, they seem to stock a huge assortment of odd bits, would not be surprised if you could locate exactly what you want. After that perhaps an email but being fair I doubt they would want to search their own site for anyone, the idea is you locate what you want.

Next drop down to the Astro Show at Leamington Spa next Friday+Saturday someone may be selling, or have, adaptors.

Check Scope and Skies astro boot they sell an assortment of bits there and related to SnS are Astro Engineering - expect Astro Engineering to be more costly. Although I bought an adaptor from them at reasonable price years back, their costs are a bit varied.

Maybe OVL as they import the things, or is it D. Hinds - actually think D Hinds may be at Leamington Spa.

After that someone with a lathe. :rolleyes:

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I see someone is selling new Meade EQ-1 mounts without the counterweights, and tripod legs on Ebay for about 14 dollars US. The shipping within the USA is about 12US. I do not know if that is helpful or not. As far as counterweights and rings, a few stainless steel hose clamps might work if you are not going to take it down a lot, and a long bolt and a few old freeweights might be adapted to be a counterweight. I would also think the Celestron motor drive for the thing would work which can be found for about 35 US - though I doubt it would track for very long with that without adjustment.

- Joanna

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A nice mount/tripod for this scope would be the Skywatcher AZ4 altazimuth mount (known as the Orion VersaGo II in the U.S.). When I bought this scope a few months back, I knew the EQ1 would be to flimsy for this near 3-footer. So I put it on this altazimuth mount, which has a load capacity of 15 lbs and provides a strong, stable support for this scope, even in slightly windy conditions. Retail price is US$199, but it would be great if you could find it used for half this price or less.

Even though my sample is painted black, it's the same identical scope.


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Many thanks for the latest inputs.

The AZ4 mount/tripod looks good. I still need rings and dovetail bar to attach I believe...?


I see - the box you got was missing the rings. Yes, you would need to get a pair of rings and a dovetail bar. In my case, I just had to buy a dovetail bar. The AZ4 handles the Powerseeker 114 OTA beautifully, no shaking. You have to track objects manually by moving the handle on the mount in an up-down and left-right motion, but for many people, this is still preferable to using an equatorial mount. I love the single cable tracking with an EQ, but these slow motion cables can get in the way of the OTA.

Is your Skywatcher Evostar90 mounted on an EQ2 mount? If so, you could just get the rings that fit the Powerseeker and screw them on the mounting plate of this tripod. You will get less shakier views from the Powerseeker 114 on an EQ2 compared to the EQ1, but how less shaky, I don't know.

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