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M104 - LRGB


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Finally pulled together data on M104 shot at various times this year

Colour and luminance stacks combined in AA5

Stack details:

Luminance: 11x240s + 10x300s + 6x600s

Red: 15x120s + 2x236s

Green: 12x120s + 2x600s

Blue: 15x120s + 2x618s

Stacks registered in PS and processed in PS using curves and levels via adjustment layers. Some resaturation of the colour layers, luminance layer knocked back to 70% opacity.


Uploaded as 16 bit png

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Right - checked things :mad: there's a problem (distortion) with the red layer. If I align the top-left / bot-right corners the others are out and vis-versa. The red and some of the luminance were imaged on a different night to the rest. I will have a play with the transforms in PS and see if I can get a better register.

Meanwhile: A more central crop.


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I find that colour aligning in PS is very accurate. I agree, the reds are out, but in this cropped version, nearly all reds are too low. If you could re-align in PS I think you would have an excellent image.


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Chris, agree reds are low. The error is less than 1 pixel so when the red channel is shifted the off-set is seen elsewhere. I've given it a tweak but its still not 'registered'.


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Chris - I've had a session working on all layers (matched to luminance) in PS using the 'distort' function under edit/transforms to get the layers as near matched as I can.

Not sure why the images are different perhaps I have a little slop in the focuser and imaging at a different angle on a different night has led to the misalignment ?


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I use RegiStar to align my stacks - gives sub-pixel accuracy automatically :) Nothing else I've tried does as well. I used to have just that problem when I used PS to align stacks.

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