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Heads up - Dodgy contact email - beware


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hi all

Just sent an email to ABS and the seller about someone asking me for details of what the answer is to the security question - never give this out (obviously). see below. googling an email address of a possible buyer is always good sense.

>>moonshane at shane.farrell67@sky.com is interested in your UK Astronomy Buy & Sell advert for:

Helios 7X50 HR Ultimate Binoculars (advert number 69306)

moonshane writes:

hi there

I just got this email today. I have informed Paul about if but thought I'd give you a heads up in case it is a fraud attempt. in fact just googled the email address and it's dodgy so beware


from josjagiela032@gmail.com

>>I am Josef from Poland..I am a good member to Ham radio and i have been a ham radio member for over 24 years..You can read my website http://qrzcq.com/call/SP9EYV.. i just admired astronomy and would love to buy astronomy item so that i can start with because it has been my drive..I have manage to gather up so money and would love to buy astronomy item..I check out astromart and i have been ask to pay $15 for membership before i can contact any seller which i don't have..I have found some item on UK astro but i don't have a question to the answer,Here is the link of what i want to buy http://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/respond-to-ad.php?listing=69306 please can you be so nice to help with the answer.I will so much appreciate it because i need this for my collection thanks and hope to hear from you soon

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