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Baader zoom ep successful repair


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I had the same problem with my Hyperion 8-24 zoom, completely gummed-up. I managed to get the plastic sleeve off but I couldn't remove the screw. What I did is to get some WD-40 and sprayed it into a plastic cup. I used a fine artist's paintbrush and put a few drops of WD-40 down the side of the screw. After a few minutes, I was able to move the from the 8 to the 12 position. A added a few more drops. Soon, I was able to zoom across the entire range. With the zoom set to 24 and the lens retracted, I brushed a few more drops round the inside of the tube. The lens is now functioning normally, including the click stops. The WD-40 is obviously thinning the grease.

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If anyone wants to know the complete dissassembly proceedure I can post the details here. Common problem is shearing of the internal brass pins due to the locking up of the helical mechanism. Wrong choice of grease by Baader, they should offer compensation.

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Heres the sequence I used to repair the eyepiece, the broken brass pin on the rear element housing was the problem due to grease solidifying. Theres a couple of rubber O-rings not shown but if youre taking one apart you'll see where they are located. Getting the helical movement in the correct orientation compared to the rear element housing needs to be correct as there are 3 possiblities, but you will see the correct one that gives full rotation. Theres one brass pin with pvc collar not shown, it goes in the straight slot at the base of the helical movement and locks the helical movement in place.

P1050241 (Medium).JPG

P1050242 (Medium).JPG

P1050243 (Medium).JPG

P1050244 (Medium).JPG

P1050245 (Medium).JPG

P1050246 (Medium).JPG

P1050247 (Medium).JPG

P1050248 (Medium).JPG

P1050249 (Medium).JPG

P1050250 (Medium).JPG

P1050251 (Medium).JPG

P1050252 (Medium).JPG

P1050253 (Medium).JPG

P1050254 (Medium).JPG

P1050255 (Medium).JPG

P1050256 (Medium).JPG

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That's very interesting - thanks for posting those pics :thumbright:

Did you find that you managed to keep dust out of the optics when it was all back together again ?

I did a similar job on another zoom a couple of years ago (not a Baader) and found that no matter how clean I though I was keeping the optics, there was still some dust visible when the zoom was at certain focal lengths :rolleyes2:

It's in a drawer somewhere - I rather lost patience with it.

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Just for interest I had a MK1 version and after many years of use the zoom mechanism is perfect still, as good as new. However it did get some dust in, but I recall there was no plastic sleeve. Recently sold to a new owner who will clean out the dust.

Did Baader change supplier when these Mk changes introduced, they were not improvements????

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