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I agree with the above :) As well as being of interest, it would be useful to know so that we might give you some pointers for improvement. That's if you would like some constructive criticism :) The Ring Nebula is particularly good :)

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Thanks all

@ Bryan, I have finally zeroed in on some PHP values that work (not always, but more often than not), there are plenty of subs that never see the light of day, so to speak. Sometimes, things come together at diff. times, sometimes, they come together @ the same time and you have a wonderful night of imaging; sometimes, you don't, there have been times when 2-3 good images came in @ 3 in the morning, w/ me up all night on workdays. :S

Ty, Schorhr

@Nyte, Ty also, my equipment:

SW 200P 8" Newtonian Reflector, EQ5 Synscan Mount, PHP Guiding with QHY5 on 9x50 finder scope, main camera Brightstar Mammut Lyuba one shot color cooled CCD.

Conditions: medium light pollution, some streetlights, no dark filters.

Software: Night Watch Studio for stacking and preprocessing, Photoshop CS2.

Objects: Top left to right

M13, Globular Cluster in Hercules, M51, the Whirlpool Galaxy, in Ursa Major, 2 exposures, somewhat differently processed, M57, the (Planetary) Ring Nebula in Lyra.

Bottom: M63, the Sunflower Galaxy in Canes Venatici, M92, Globular Cluster in Hercules.

I'll post stats later, when I have some time.

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Unfortunately, I don't know how to edit the images (or if it can be done at all), so here are the stats for them:

M51 1x10m (the slightly darker one):NWS preprocessed 13d 50b No F Col conv, PhotoSh CS2: levels JPG Hot pixels removed manually.

M51 NWS Stack 5 1x10m 13d 50fb No deinterlacing Col conv ycbcr unsharp maskapplied, no pixel squaring preprocessed.

M13 NWS processed 59x1m 60d 100fb col converted CMYG unsharp mask applied.

M57 1x5m Calibrated preprocessed in NWS Col Con stretched unsharp mask applied then workup in DSS.

M63 NWS preproc 27x3m 77d 100fb Col Con stretched unsharp mask applied.

M92 composite 10x2m 4x3m NWS 40d 100fb col conv stretched unsharp mask applied.

Histograms have been stretched.

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Ty, Gina, I'm always in the business for some constructive criticism. :)

OK :) M51 and M63 look a bit washed out in the cores. This may be due to the exposures of the individual subs being too long or the histogram stretch may have been too much at the white end. When I'm imaging I do a quick test to check that I'm not overexposing the core or any close stars that will bloat and spoil the result. With f5.3 and the Atik 314L+ mono CCD camera I found exposures of arouns a couple of minutes were the limit. Now with your Mammut OSC camera you probably have a sensitivity of something like a quarter (maybe less) of that of the 314L+ so you may not be overexposing with 10m subs. This is a bit of a guess on my part as I'm not familiar with the Mammut. OTOH the fainter detail has come out well so you're doing pretty well :)
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Again, ty, guys..and gals. :)

@Gina, I know abt. the cores, thing is, I'm having mucho problems w/ another processing workflow, so layering in shorter exposure cores is a task I just can't take aboard right now, way I see it, I have 2 choices, either lose the details, or burn out the cores somewhat.

There is a tool for raw data / monochrome ( I use it, and turn the tif files it turns out back into fits so I can color convert) that is helpful for details and cores, it's free, and now there is a standalone version: http://www.spacetelescope.org/projects/fits_liberator/ .

If s/one knows how to overlay different exposures / layers ("punch through a layer to a layer underneath) in Photoshop, that would be appreciated. :)

Thanks again for all the comments and suggestion..keep 'em coming, and be brutally honest, how else am I gonna learn. :)

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