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ZWO A.S.I 120MC - any good?


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Hi, i´m about to buy this camera, have seen a couple of photos taken with this and it seems to have som potential, to those out there who already has one, what are your impressions?

Any comparision to the TIS DM* cameras, firefly´s, Ace etc.?

I have also read that there might be trouble with AMP-powered PC's? i have Win7 64bit on my ASUS, will that work?

Regards, Daniel

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The mono (120MM) is good at that price for anything except solar H-alpha imaging. Comparing to TIS cameras is close to DMK21AU618 in terms of planetary imaging. Comparing to old and over-expensive DMK41 and 31 it's better in general (lunar and white light solar imaging).

The color version would be less efficient to use.

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I'm happy with my colour camera. It was a long time after I bought it before I got anything like decent seeing to test it in, but even with my relatively small aperture 127 Mak it seems to do well. The only other colour camera I have that's any good is the SPC900 and I'd say it's at least as good as that.


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