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At last 1st Light


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After a disaster last month I've re built the modded PST and after an afternoon at the lathe all the bits fit securely




Click for full res

help as always welcome


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I think the top two are a bit too yellow and need a bit more contrast. Your focus is as good as mine. (could be better, but it takes practice)

The reprocessed prom is still too yellow, but its a cracking shot. Much better than I have achieved so far.

For a first light with a pst mod, its all good. Well done.

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Thanks a lot

I do think the yellower (is that word) tone myself,especially since I cannot seem to get the darker coppery colour right :grin: (anybody got the numbers for RGB in levels)


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If you're using photoshop, I would use curves instead. My technique is not perfect yet, but it does get close.

create a new layer, pick the colour sampler tool and 'control+left click' at a neutral grey spot on the pic with info numbers around 150 mark. (you need the info panel open.)

Now 'control+M' to open curves.

Choose the blue channel and drag the middle of the curve down and right until the number for blue in the info panel comes down to around 20.

Choose green and adjust the curve so that the number is about 140

Choose red and move the curve up until the red number is about 215.

That should put you in the ballpark, now just tweak the curves to taste. It doesn't produce the exact same colour everytime as it depends on the picture.

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