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My very first Deep Sky - M51


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Hi friends,

wanted to share with you my very first deep sky pic which i took with a 400mm Canon Lens.

HEQ 5 - Canon EF 100mm-400mm @ 400mm - unguided

18 lights 120 seconds and 5 darks

Hope you like it a little bit :rolleyes:

As i just upgraded my equipment i´ll finally be more active here to support the german faction :grin:

Best regards and CS



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That's a great image and considering it was through a camera lens it's even more remarkable. Well done - you must have had the alignment spot on. :)

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Many thanks to all of you :p

Forgot to tell more about that pic. Cam was an unmodified EOS 1000D, ISO at 1600.

Stacked with Regim (Mac user) and workflow with PS 5.

I too was really surprised what all is possible with a lens and 400mm and of course i was totally happy to see the result. Now i got the bug .......

...........as written above, i just ordered yesterday my very big upgrade:

- 6" imaging Newton

- MGEN autoguider

- some more little parts and pieces to blow up the order and invoice :lipsrsealed:

Looking forward to receive that till the weekend. From next week on 2 weeks vacation and so i hope for 2 weeks clear skies :grin:

I´ll keep you updated with pics.

Getting into astrophotography is expensive but the results make it worth every spended cent.

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