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My 1st Saturn


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Not fantastic as Saturn was about 16 degrees so i wasn't expecting much to begin with, only managed 2000 frames per channel as it was skimming the rooftops by then, LRGB, DMK""618, C8 @ F20, i tried my 3x Barlow but i could not even see the Blue channel on screen so gave up that idea.

This is probably all i am going to get this year but i still got one i am happy with, even though it's so little.


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Thanks Wave, Michael, Qualia, Stuart & Simon.

I am happy with it just a shame i couldn't get more elevation so i could use my 3x barlow instead of just 2, below is a Blue channel shot of the avi loaded into AS!2

post-11075-0-75555200-1368006541_thumb.j really not worth bothering with so i had to go with the one rgb run i did manage.

I may try shooting from the front of my house to get more elevation but street lamps may be a problem then.


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Thanks for all the comments, i had another try this morning but to no avail, seeing was terrible, worse than before, and by god is Saturn shifting so you don't get long to a capture in now.

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I am kinda hoping maybe a bit of good seeing happens just to squeeze in one last attempt.

You, me and everyone else with you on that I think - fingers crossed for Wednesday evening. I think the your OP image was excellent, very sharp and a whole lot of nice detail/colour considering the low elevation and small image scale.

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