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Ceph and Cass

Rotation encoders for dobs.


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Anyone fitted one of these rotary encoder and display units?


Looks like a good compliment to the Wixey with the same accuracy. Don't know if there's enough room between the OTA and the base (200/250 Skyliner) though as I can't find any dimensions but looks just a little thicker than the Wixey.

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Yes people have fitted them. The difficulty in doing so has been that there's a bolt already in the centre, so the question is then how to couple the bolt to the input to this device. I'm currently putting one on mine - though as a DIY job the base only has the lazy susan bearing and no central bolt which makes it easier. I haven't finished it but so far I've cut a big square in the top part of the base and a rectangle in the lower part of the base, in the centre.

Dimensions can be found on the ebay listing of that item:


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