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I was thinking about John Dobson today and the way he tried to capture onlookers' interest, those without any knowledge of astronomy. He'd stand on the sidewalk and say something like, 'that sun spot is the size of Earth' or 'that Moon crater is the size of Texas' and so on. And I was wondering if any of the community guarded little 'sound-bites' of their own that they might use on similar occassions or that they use to remind themselves of the wonder-of-it-all when observing.

When my girlfriend came along with me for a little while on Saturday evening, she noted that the object was moving too fast through the EP and I said something like, "I guess it's because we're spinning at the rate of over 1,500km an hour." Or on another occassion I might say, "I think it is because we're moving through space at just over 100,000 km an hour."

The other night as we had a peek at M 104, I said something like, "The light you are receiving left that galaxy before the advent of man, around the time proto-monkeys and apes were climbing down from their trees."

Do any of you have any interesting little sound bites that may help us learn and inspire others?

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