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ir.red, violet Saturn 5th May


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Hi all after reading around the other day i see red25a and violet47 give great contrast and detail ,so i thought i would give it ago with the ir and iruv here they are ir 742 first then uvir,red,violet with Saturn on its way from us now and not to high in are some what cloudy skies most of the time i keep take in as many chances as possible next clear night i may go with green orange light blue se what they give i have 17 mixed colored gso filters heres the images from 1500 frames ,average 500 staked a run in pipp again but got the same framed out a will get round how to use it at some point quick crop in ps6 they came out all sizes


c 9.25

dmk 21 mono

bright star filter wheel

ir 742.ir/uv,red25a,violet 47

c gem pier mounted







Violet 47


heres a small video of me out side and the images if you want a look

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The IR ones look pretty good to me Todd, Saturn caught me unawares the other night & moved so quickly i just wasn't set up for shooting it as i was doing DSO's before, hoping to get it early tomorrow morning if the weather playes ball.

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Hi Ewan yes the ir pass is always a winner ,its interesting to use other colors tho,becuase a can the subtle detail,to tired here to go out tonight but next time i doo it will be both the fracs and dso work but the planets and the Moon really do get me every time


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