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Ceph and Cass

Loving the clear nights (M51, 81 & 82)


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After finally sorting my HEQ5 problems I think I've been out more times in the last few weeks that I did in all of 2012...

Not nearly enough time but below are two pics, M51 and M81/82 all 30 mins lights, 30 mins darks + 20 bias and flat files. All taken on an HEQ5 with SW 150p and D3100, guided with QHY5 and finderguider.

M81 & 82   01052013   30mins   30mins darks, 20 flats, 20 bias V1

M51   02052013   30mins   30mins darks, 20 flats, 20 bias V1

Does anyone know how to put photos in the body of the post rather than a link to my album?

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Great results! I like M81+M82 especially.

To embed images directly onto the thread: Upload image to SGL, in gallery click image you wish to embed, on the right hand side click 'options' then 'share links'. Copy the image link. When you are writing your post you will see above a smiley face icon. There is another image below that - it looks like a picture frame. Click that and paste in your image link. DONE!

Hope this helps and i've explained it well enough. This is how i do it, there may be an easier way.

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Pretty little images :) It would be nice to see a crop and more zoomed in image to see the detail better. Then we would be better able to advise on processing technique.

As for posting images I resize my images to around 1000 px wide and save as PNG. Then use Full Editor to browse for the file and attach it. This facility is just below the text box to the left. HTH.

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