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Ceph and Cass

1st Light on new mount iOptron Smart EQ

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Two decent images shot with my Canon 450D with an 18-55mm lens mounted on my new iOptron Smart EQ mount. Shot in RAW and processed in Paintshop Pro (which I am still learning).

I only did a quick South Celestial Pole set up as my polar scope for the mount is still on the way. I just wanted to see if I could go more than 20 secs without getting trails as I do on an AZ mount.....and I could.

The mount arrive before I went off to China for 2 weeks so this was 1st light. I am impressed with the mount, easy to set up and balance, but I found I was near the weight limit my adding my Celestron 6SE OTA to it with the camera. The weight limit is 5Kg (excluding the 1kg counterweight) but if you are going to use it at the top end then an extra weight is needed IMO.

The controller set up is pretty intuitive, the only thing I find I have to be careful as the date is year/mm/dd which being an Englishman is the wrong way around.

Otherwise I am really please with this mount and it is going to be well used for wide angle photography

The skies up at Chittering were nice and dark, but LP is creaping up from the south as Perth expands north. I now have found I am going to have to spend some money (the dark side strikes again) on some dew control. May in WA is dew time, my 'scope and camera lenses were well misted by 20:30, so I went home, driving carefully to avoid the 'roos hopping across the unlit roads......and unlike fluffy bunnies a bit more damaging if you hit one.

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I would always shoot in RAW format and use some editing software that has great noise reduction such as Lightroom and Photoshop do. The color NR will do wonders for these i love that little mount it works wonders enjoy!

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