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Extra inch?

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1.25inch or 2 inch? Hi. I am sorry of its been asked before but what are the benefits of the 2 inch eye piece and are they worth the extra cash?! More specifically is it possible and should I upgrade my nexstar8 to a 2inch diagonal and eyepiece given that there are some good deals out there?

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stating the obvious but you will need a 2" diagonal for a 2" eye piece anyway, go for dialectric as well. a 2" eye piece will give you a larger true field of view, great for panning around and finding those dso,s. in my opinion go for it !

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Yep, it's the true field of view that does it for me.

But if I'm right in thinking the 8se is an f10 'scope it'll be more forgiving on EPs anyway.

Have a look at what you fancy and I'm sure people will be happy to give their opinion!


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Thanks guys. The more I learn the harder it becomes to make a decision. I was almost ready to go ahead and buy a couple of 1.25 inch baader hyperions then it came to my attention that i may be able to 'upgrade' to 2inch eps but i still can't make my mind up and it's getting very frustrating lol. Choosing to get married and have kids wasn't even this complicated! ;)

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It's common to end up with a mix of 1.25" and 2" eyepieces in an eyepiece set, if the scope can accommodate them. 2" ones for wide, low power views and 1.25" for medium to high powers.

Thats why most 2" diagonals are supplied with a 1.25" adapter :smiley:

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Apart from for one the TeleVue 2 inch diagonal, that don't come with an adapter. I find in agreement with Bingevader, it's the wider field that ticks all the boxes for me. As I started with a scope that had a focal length of 3048mm it was important for me to take the step to wide field as prior to that the lowest I could go was X117 with a 26mm S5000 S plossl. However even after a fair spend I can only get down to x73 with the 41mm Pan.

I think for most upgrade from what come with the scope situations the 2 inch diagonal has advantages in the higher reflectivity over the former. You also don't have to spend the amount I did on one, they come up often on secondhand markets which is a good way of saving. The other advantage is doing this you don't lose out if you don't like it, you can sell on for the cost of the postage.

I don't regret taking this route but my wallet was somewhat thinner after I did.


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