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Another bash at M31

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Gave this one four minute subs, seems to have caught more detail, though the background is still not dark enough from my backyard site to get the best from this target.


(click to enlarge)

Nikon D50, 4 minutes at ISO800 X 32 guided. Baader neodymium filter, DSS for stacking and CS2 for curves.

Kaptain Klevtsov

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Thanks guys. It was just about straight up Ron., but even straight up isn't very good when the sky is rubbish. The guide star was all over the place according to the graph in K3CCD Tools, so I had to give it a dead zone of 2 arcseconds to stop the guiding thrashing the 'scope about too much. There appeared to be a lot of thin fast moving high cloud about, it looked like ghosts flitting past naked eye, quite wierd to watch.

I tried to point the Klevtsov at Mars, but it was a wobbly pointy mess. Looking into the diagonal was like looking down a jet engine exhaust. Just like a bright orange flame end on. Jordan would have fallen off the washing machine, I'm quite sure!

Kaptain Klevtsov

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Very,very nice is that,Kapitan. :( Has a feeling of depth to it that is sometimes missing in images of M31.

This may sound totally stupid but I think the bright 'golden' star in the foreground adds to depth of view. It make one imagine you are looking passed it at what is beyond. :insects1:

Excellent stuff. :D



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