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Ceph and Cass

Hello All


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I have just signed up (10 mins ago) and thought I'd start by giving a quick introduction. I hit the venerable age of 60 a week or so back and treated myself to my first scope, I have started with the NexStar 4SE - If I get really interested I will no doubt be upgrading pretty soon, but I see that price increases exponentially with aperture size!

So far I am impressed, I took my first photo of Saturn last night, just a single-frame exposure taken with my Canon EOS 450D screwed to the back of the scope. If I can find out how to add pics I'll add it when I have stopped typing.

I do have a question regarding connecting a DSLR through an eyepiece, but I'll do the right thing and have a search through the faqs and post it a separate topic if necessary.

I look forward to some chatting!


P.S. ok - first question - how do I attach an image? :-(

PPS - hang on - I've just scrolled down a bit!post-30409-0-18562600-1367592000.jpg

I know there is plenty of room for improvement, going to stack some video frames next time.

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Hi Neil welcome to the lounge,

nice first image, Saturn for the first time is always a WOW,

wish I could have had an Image of my first time view.

Good Luck and Clear Sky's

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Thanks forr the welcome all. I'm already not speaking to one member, namely MorningMajor, for nicking the profile image I normally use. Still, he can't be that bad, as a fellow Pink Floyd fan!

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