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Saturn, 2nd May


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The seeing here was absolutely rank last night and I threw away two hours worth of capture data as unusable leaving me with this one run which was the best of the night and even that was cut short because Saturn was disappearing behind a tree. I think there was a fair bit of moisture in the air causing a definitely glow from the direction of Taunton that doesn't happen otherwise. Unfortunately that's exactly the direction Saturn is in until it gets well past midnight. Hey ho. Clear night tonight. Time for another attempt. As it looks like it's going to be the last for a while I might try to move the mount to avoid the tree and see if I can't get more data later on.

Anyhow, here it is. A bit grubby and the definition isn't great, but sometimes that's the way it is I guess :(



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Nice image considering . . . :laugh:

Had a night off last night for a re-charge . . . at it again tonight though . . . :p

Part of me's saying I won't top the last session but you never can tell . . . keep plugging away . . . :grin:

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