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Now THAT'S why I bought the big Mak . . . . !

Steve Ward

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I was oh so happy with Mondays results , but last night surpassed all my expectations . . . :laugh:

I had the same set-up in action with the addition of my 1.8 x 2" Barlow , I've never used it with the SPC900 before as it's invariably attached to the 1000D.

You know you're in for something a little special when the Cassini division and subtle banding on the disc are visible live on screen . . . !!!!

I just kept grabbing data as long as it lasted , about 35 x 5 minute/3000 frame AVI's between 23:45 and 02:00 before the seeing dropped off.

Popped them all through PIPP while I eventually slept and then today I stacked the best ones in AS!2 and waveletted in Reg 5.1.

Identical settings for all in SharpCap , PIPP , AS!2 and Reg , no cropping and no tweaking afterwards. . . :grin:

A selection of the best ones ...

Never , ever thought I'd be getting pictures like this in a million years ... one seriously happy bunny . . . :laugh:


And a couple with 1.5 x Drizzle , would have done them all but it takes an age . . . :rolleyes:


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I just used the Drizzle option to see what it would do really . . . :p

It made a neater job than Uncle Reg and gives a bigger image without pixelating , no idea how though , the StarkLabs thing just wafted by . . . :grin:

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It made a neater job than Uncle Reg and gives a bigger image without pixelating , no idea how though , the StarkLabs thing just wafted by . . . :grin:

I did a fair bit of "hard maths" when I was at school. It was quite tedious much of the time though. If someone had said to me "Look, if you get to grips with this stuff then you can take an image like this doggy blurred one and turn it into this stunning looking one" I'd have been absolutely fascinated. And I'd still have known enough maths to understand what was going on. Obviously it would have taken a fair while to do a few thousand 640x480 frames on a BBC micro, but even so... :)


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I'm very impressed with these, really good images - very well done! I ordered a Mak 180 the other day and it has just arrived, I cant wait to try it out later on (for once the purchase of a new scope hasn't brought with it the clouds!)

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